December 10, 2015

Gym community event: Equus Terra’s Horse School & Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness Open day of Disability & ASD: Road of Discovery.

equus terra horse school - boxing gym brisbane

Time & date: 12th this Saturday at 4pm.
Venue: 272 Brisbane Corso Yeronga

  • Benefits of these two programs:
  • Relaxation & happiness
  • Having a very good day/week at school
  • Decreased anxiety levels
  • Easier to go to sleep
  • Sensory improvements-being in the rain, no inclination to strongly react to texture
  • Pretend play using toy houses & parents
  • Verbal interaction
  • Increased mobility, strength, coordination, balance, postural control, communication & cognition
  • The pelvis of a human. When walking the human pelvis typically moves.
    Anterior to posterior front to back, lateral (side to side) and rotation ( circle)

Want to know more? Contact our gym.

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