Pilates Brisbane

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Look better. Feel better. Enhance your flexibility.

Want to improve your joints, flexibility, core and overall self confidence through pilates?

Pilates can be a safe and effective way to improve flexibility, balance and tone. But for the best results, you need the right instructors in a safe and supportive environment.

We have guided pilates classes for any fitness level, courtesy of Pilates Australia. We have some of the best pilates instructors in Brisbane, as well as the right systems in place to support your growth and/or rehabilitation.

Reformer pilates is also available.

Why pilates, and why should it be done right?

Pilates can be an ideal way to improve or rehabilitate the body. People who regularly practice pilates can benefit from improved posture, balance, flexibility and more. These benefits have an overflow effect on other aspects of life and can enhance other attributes such as self confidence and overall health.

You only have one body. Unfortunately, it can be a little too easy for people to receive pilates qualifications. It’s important to choose the right instructors who genuinely have your interests at heart.


Our instructors

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Our instructors are pilates certified – they also come with a wealth of education and experience in personal health. We only hire the best in the business. They continue to work with clients of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and have helped get results for even the most challenging of situations.


Our point of difference

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You may notice that we’re based in a boxing and fitness gym. There are many benefits to this as we can provide a more holistic approach to your health. This can also help prevent future injuries and further improve your overall health.

We have a Pilates, Boxing and Strength (PBS) program. PBS is designed help you optimise your strength, flexibility, self confidence and fitness by equipping you with the right foundations.

Click here to find out more about PBS.

Pilates in Brisbane – Book Now

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Because this is a popular program in our gym, we recommend you booking ahead of time. Please contact us for more information about our pilates (and reformer pilates) classes in Brisbane.

We have pilates classes in Indooroopilly, West End and Yeronga.

Book a pilates class.