Sports Therapy


If you are experiencing pain that gets in the way of your physical performance, we can help.

Sports Therapy is concerned with the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries, as injuries decrease fitness and can have a great impact on competitive performance. Every athlete’s body needs attention to maintain maximum fitness, enhance performance and prevent injury. Dundee Kim, the owner and head trainer of Dundee’s Boxing and Fitness, can assist you to unlock your body’s full potential through physical training, therapy and understanding.

Dundee recently completed his rehabilitation training at Rehab Trainer, which provides one of the world’s best short courses in injury management for fitness professionals. The rehab training course is taught by elite sports physiotherapists who have one aim – to teach students to understand and combat pain and chronic injury in their clients.

If you are looking for rehabilitation services, don’t hesitate to get in touch – sports therapy is just one of the many services we love to offer our clients.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is an effort to prevent or reduce the severity of physical injuries before they occur. Dundee Kim can use his understanding of physicality, injury and technique to reduce your chances of injury during physical activity.

Performance Management

Performance Management involves making sure your body is working at 100% at all times. Dundee Kim can help you to train harder and faster, whilst also using preventative measures to decrease your likelihood of injury.

Treating Aches and Pains

Everyone experiences aches and pains every now and then due to fatigue, muscular tension, physical exertion and daily stresses. Dundee has the knowledge required to treat aches and pains as soon as they appear and before they start to negatively impact other areas of the body.

Dundee Fitness is one of Brisbane’s most outstanding boxing and fitness gyms. We provide a number of services that can help you to make the most of your mental and physical health, including personal training, group training, dietary advice, sports psychology and more.

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