June 15, 2020

Announcing Our 12-Week Challenge!

Like a lot of people who have been confined at home, you may have let your fitness slip over the past few months.

To get us back, we’re announcing the 12-week challenge. And to make sure you get results, our very own Managing Director Dundee Kim will be joining in with you! Slots are strictly limited.

  • 12 Week challenge program with Dundee Kim:
    • First consultation fee including Fitness test, health screen: $75
    • Professional dietitian booklet-health eat/meal plan for 12 weeks: $50
    • Cost: $240 a week
    • 3 sessions a week-$240, half hour Personal Training
    • Free-weekly unlimited use of facilities including measurement, photographs and weight-in
    • Mind frame-how to set yourself up to have an achieve your fitness goal frame of mind
    • Goal setting- learning how to smash your short, medium- and long-term goals both in the gym
    • Review of your current diet
    • Discussion/review of current weight training and cardio plan
    • Set a training and cardio plan to suit your body type and get you stage-ready

Dundee can take only limit number of clients during busy hours; however, the team will assist you if he he cannot take clients in between 5:30am till 8am and 3pm till 7:30pm.